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Jongli Chu, a warrior of the Death Heavenly Sect who killed Hwang Jung to avenge his older brother. In order to avoid the pursuit of Death Heavenly Sect, he looked to an assassin of the Death Soul Agency, Crimson Assassin, for help and got swept into a huge mess known as the Obliteration. In order to escape the shadow of the Obliteration, he had no choice but to become a legendary Death God! Can Jong Lichu become a Death God and find freedom in the stifling rules created by the orthodox sects?

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Death God Chapter 9 332 2022-09-24
Death God Chapter 8 330 2022-09-22
Death God Chapter 7 643 2022-09-10
Death God Chapter 6 1012 2022-09-04
Death God Chapter 5 750 2022-09-04
Death God Chapter 4 1064 2022-09-03
Death God Chapter 3 760 2022-09-04
Death God Chapter 2 1103 2022-09-03
Death God Chapter 1 1334 2022-09-03
Death God Chapter 0 768 2022-09-03