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Fumihiro, a high school student whose only merit is his cooking skills, has transferred to the humorous, elegant, and tea-scented Daiei Teikoku Academy. Fumihiro ends up having a run-in with Charlotte, the student council president and queen of the school. She decided to have Fumihiro join the student council as an exclusive cook to change the lousy quality of school food. However, within the council, there are spies, pirates, witches, knights, great detectives... a group of beautiful girls with super strong personalities! The Reiwa era's "national character" comedy opens here!

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Queen's Academy Chapter 5 168 2022-09-18
Queen's Academy Chapter 4 390 2022-09-04
Queen's Academy Chapter 3 560 2022-08-19
Queen's Academy Chapter 2 825 2022-08-13
Queen's Academy Chapter 1 1201 2022-08-11